Should we rebrand?

The first question any business should ask itself? Sounds obvious but the answer to the question is far from simple when there are so many things to consider;

• What do you want to achieve?
• How long will it take?
• What will the impact be on the business?
• What can the business afford?
• How far will the rebrand reach?

There are many reasons, good and bad, for considering rebranding and each will be as individual as the Business or project itself. It can be a daunting prospect and where do you start? Do you call in the Brand Agencies, Design Agencies, Marketing Agencies or the Brand Implementation Consultancies? Whilst there is no right or wrong answer you should consider what each offers in relation to your needs and what the benefits are.

If implemented correctly a new brand can bring almost immeasurable benefits to a business, although you would certainly want to measure the impact to Customer experience and Sales! It is natural to consider that rebranding will have an overall positive effect however if implemented badly it can cause irreparable damage. That damage can be as simple as losing brand loyalty through a lack of affinity with the new brand (too drastic a change) to being unaffordable to implement and having serious impact on the bottom line.

Before embarking on the design process it makes sense to first understand what the risks are, what the impact could be and how much it could all cost which is fine if you have the expertise and the time in-house to manage this, but what if you don’t? Seeking impartial advice that provides you with the answers to the five key questions above, will allow you to make a considered decision, allowing you to develop an affordable, deliverable strategy prior to committing your time, your resources and your money.

Once you have this information to allow your considered decision, perhaps the first question should be, “Can we afford NOT to rebrand”?


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